Welcome to WSKR

WSKR is a unique way to monetise content. Instead of using subscriptions or adverts, single pieces of online content can now be tagged as premium and charged for. With WSKR, practically any individual piece of content can be monetised.

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WSKR gives exact control over the price of content, allowing customers to only pay for what they want to consume and letting businesses decide their own revenue stream.

Read on to learn more about how WSKR works and how to sign up for an account today.

Our Accounts

WSKR Business accounts are for businesses who want to charge for individual pieces of online content.

Visit the Business account page to read more or register for a Business account here.

WSKR Personal accounts are for individuals who only want to pay for a single piece of content at a time.

Visit the Personal accounts page to read more or register for a Personal account here.

WSKR Tokens

WSKR Tokens are what gives WSKR its uniqueness, allowing premium content to be priced as low as a couple of Euro cent.

Customers buy WSKR Tokens in packs of 50, from 250 to 10,000 tokens.

Businesses use WSKR Tokens to charge for content from 1 to 2,000 tokens.

By selling WSKR Tokens in packs of 50, we alleviate credit card fees being charged for Every. Single. Piece. Of. Content being sold. How many platforms out there provide that feature!

WSKR Links

WSKR Links is our simplest product, enabling the creation of shortened, premium weblinks.

Simply enter a URL, set your price in WSKR Tokens and click save. This creates a WSKR Link that enables customers access premium content by paying the cost in WSKR Tokens.

WSKR Links are perfect for one-off links to premium content. No muss, no fuss, just use them anywhere you’d use a URL or weblink. Simply sign up for a Business account to create and use WSKR Links straight away.

WSKR Posts

WSKR Posts is our plugin that brings the power of WSKR to WordPress. It enables WordPress website owners and operators to tag individual posts as premium, setting the price in WSKR Tokens. It enables customers pay to access specific premium content without the uncertainty of paying an upfront subscription fee.

Visit the WSKR Posts page for more information or read our blog for step-by-step instructions on how to install and use WSKR Posts.