Welcome to WSKR

So, you’ve created some online content. It’s amazing content. You’re very proud of it. And it cost time, money and effort to put together.

You’d like to see a return on the effort you put into creating your content.

So, how do you do that?

You've created some content...

What's the answer?

You could fill your website with lots of ads. But they frustrate your customers, and you need thousands of clicks on the ads before you generate any real revenue from them.

Perhaps you could add your content to a subscription. Your existing subscribers will love it, but will it convince the casual customer to subscribe?

What if you could charge customers just for that single piece of content, without needing to show adverts or for new customers to subscribe?

That’s exactly what WSKR enables you to do…

Any online content, whether it’s a news-article, a blog post, a cat video or streaming music, is accessible via webpage or link.

WSKR creates shortened versions of your links and enables you to set a price for customers to pay if they click on that link.

And because WSKR doesn’t charge you fees, you can set your price as low as a single cent. (Who’s going to hesitate spending a few cent?) You could even experiment with pricing to see what works best for your content.

Here's the answer...
Getting paid...

Interested in seeing what WSKR can do for you? Sign up for a free account at business.wskr.ie.

Creating a WSKR Business account is free.

We don’t charge you transaction fees*.

You get the full amount of the price you set.

*A Revolut account is required. Use our referral link to get an account https://link.revolut.com/KwAbyPWOmab or sign up directly at https://www.revolut.com.