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What are WSKR Tokens?

What is it?

How does it work?

How do I set pricing?

The WSKR Posts plugin is a plugin that brings the power of WSKR to WordPress websites and allows you to tag individual posts as premium content.

Sign up for a WSKR Business account.

Install the WSKR Posts plugin on your WordPress site.

Tag the posts you want to make premium.

When installed, the WSKR Posts plugin sets a default WSKR Token price for premium posts. 

But you can set an individual price on any post you want to price differently.

What about my privacy?

What currencies can I use?

Can I view reports?

Can I access customer data?

As with WSKR Links, the WSKR Posts plugin uses WSKR Tokens for pricing. You’ll need to bear that in mind when setting a cost for your content.

Remember, 1 WSKR Token = 1 Euro cent.

You can view reports on how popular your premium posts are, in your WSKR Business account online.

You can log into your account here.

We take security and privacy very seriously at WSKR. You won’t have direct access to your customers’ data, but you can request that they allow you to contact them.

Read the detailed instructions for installing and configuring the WSKR Posts plugin.

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